My name is Jules Levy, sometimes Levity, and I welcome you to my tiny curve on the internet. I am one half of a whole with Hannah Stevens ... we met as teenagers 25 years ago and have put most of our energies over this time into bringing up our three kids.


I've been a musician for as long as i can remember but it is through cooking in a variety of settings, from restaurants to homes for the elderly, that I have made my living. It is only now that our kids have grown into teenagers that i have taken a break from the stove and returned to education to study Anthropology with Sustainability.


I am committed to the possibility that there are alternative ways of organising ourselves socially. This is where my studies are currently leading me....


In the coming months I will be adding an archive of my musical activity ... Its better out than in  :)


Here's something i made in 1999 ...

swirl swirl3

 Gaia's Jukebook - radio show archive


Magic Greenery - Cannabis Hemp