bandwagon music 1999 - 2012

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Bandwagon (records & music publishing) was involved in the creation of AIM (Association of Independent Music) and was present at the first negotiations with companies like Napster. Bandwagon eventually parted ways with AIM who did not believe ethics were important when considering how to sell music. Bandwagon was courted briefly by Beggars Banquet and Gut records but we were eventually blacklisted for our anti advertising ethos. Bandwagon released some great original music which I believe will stand the test of time, all without losing any integrity.


Bandwagon was a financial failure and a cultural success. It brought good people together, and provided a progressive business model of co-operation - a completely unique co-operative model within the music industry; the likes of which had never been seen. I am very proud of Bandwagon and what she stood for and I send my love, respect and thanks to all those who were involved...




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